How to Get a Hypnotherapy License Hypnosis License?

Let’s be real clear right from the start – there is no state licensure in the USA for hypnotherapy license. Hypnosis License practice licensure just does not exist. A recent contact to one of our members on LinkedIn was offering a course leading to “national licensure in hypnosis.” No such license exists. In fact, in the USA there is no national licensure for anything; not doctors, not dog groomers, not engineers, not anything.  In fact, it would violate the sovereignty of the states, to offer a national licenses in any profession.

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More importantly, there exists no USA state a professional hypnotherapy license. Hypnosis license scams sometimes exist, and know that any private organization offering a “license” is not offering a legitimate product. Licensure is a function of the government, and in the USA, no government agency in any state offers a Hypnotherapy License. Hypnosis License is often confused with state required registration for hypnosis.  To our knowledge the only USA states that require hypnotists to “register” (which is far different than a hypnotherapy license hypnosis License). These states include:

Washington State.
Colorado State.
Connecticut State.

But registration is not the same thing as a license to practice, it is simply a register of those offering hypnosis or hypnotherapy, so in the event there are legal claims, the state knows who is practicing. Even in these states, there are no educational standards for registering, beyond completing a few continuing education courses.

To our knowledge there is no country; or province in Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom that requires a hypnotherapy license. Hypnosis license is often mistaken for “hypnosis certification.”  Various national and international boards provide “certification” as a hypnotist, but this is a function of these private organizations setting standards, and creating association among members. The may have various degrees of recognition and acceptance by employers, insurance company or in public perception, but certification is not a function of state regulation and is far different than a hypnotherapy license. hypnosis license and hypnosis certification are not the same thing.

Be careful when selecting a course of study leading to certification that the association, like the ICBCH, provides accurate guidance to professional titles, scope of practice and the law and ethics surrounding how you represent yourself to the public. The ICBCH strives to keep members apprised of changes in law, on both a national level and an on international level. We have practitioners in all 50 states, and in all majority English speaking nations, and in other countries around the world.

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